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The next meeting of the San Jose Real Estate Investing Club will be October 24th, 2018. Our guest speakers will be Bay Area investing powerhouse couple of Raul and Rosy Luna! 

Topic: Learn proven strategies and systems to build a well oiled real estate investing machine

Please register for this event at our web site: http://sanjoserenc.com/next-meeting

$10 in advance, $15 at the door

As always, a copy of the audio and slides presented is included with admission

Speakers: Raul and Rosy Luna

About the Meeting: This month we are excited to present a dynamic duo of real estate investing, Raul and Rosy Luna. Raul and Rosy have built a house buying machine in the bay area. They’ve bought over 100 houses so far and they’re currently buying more than 5 a month.
What’s their big secret? Close adherence to the methods employed and taught by Fortune Builders. Raul says, “Why reinvent the wheel? They’ve built and tested the best systems so why not copy them?"

At this meeting Raul is going to be explaining how he employs the following to their business success

-How to believe much bigger, much faster
-How to change poor habits into RICH habits for financial freedom
-How to unleash the infinite power of your mind to achieve stunning results

Where are my deals:
- How I attract my deals consistently
- Where do I look for those deals
- How to evaluate those deals
- The single strategy that gotten me more deals

About the Speaker: "From Flipping Pizzas to Flipping Houses"
Raul was born into the food industry where he started working at a very young age at his family restaurant. He decided to follow the family's path by opening his very 1st restaurant at age 18 and soon realized that food was not his passion. Attesting to the power and value of your network...........the agent that sold his restaurant helped Raul to get into real estate industry! It was at the age of 19 when Raul purchased his 1st property subject-to. He then started helping home owners who had their properties on the market for a long time by buying with seller financing (and at a discount).

Raul's is:
- Founder of Ricolife, a Direct Selling company that was sold to a publicly traded company and created residual income for life for Raul and Rosy!
- Founded 4 restaurants......sold them all
- Speaker (Mindset)
- Founder of Properties180, LLC

For a bit over a decade Raul felt like he was just playing the real estate game (no systems). Then he learned world class systems with Fortune Builders and coupled that education with the right mindset. Raul and Rosy now have built a machine that enables them to buy 5 properties every month. They decided to start Properties 180 together with to enhance communities and people's lives 180 degrees at a time by helping get distressed owners out of their situation.


Meeting Agenda

7:00 Networking

7:15 Haves and Wants

7:25 Market Update

7:35 Guest speaker

9:00 Networking

I hope to you soon!



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