Holiday Happy Hour and Networking Event - Portland OR Investors

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  • 12/06/18 05:00PM - 07:00PM America/Los_Angeles
  • Rialto Billiards, 529 SW 4th Ave Portland, Oregon 97204
  • Free

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Portland Investors. Let's get together and celebrate another year, and talk about how we are going to crush 2019! Just a chance to eat some good food, have a drink, play some pool, and get to know some of the other investors in the area. We are firm believers in Synergy - we can learn and motivate each other, and help each achieve their goals.

We will have a space reserved in the Mezzanine, with seating and a couple of pool tables. Hope you can make it, we would love to meet you!

You can RSVP here, or at

New to the site, and wish I could attend this event. I have to coach that night but I am eager to get to know some local investors. My wife and I are looking to generate some cash flow.  I will keep my eyes out for the next one!

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