The Real Estate Investing Incubator Meetup Group Holiday Party is Wednesday December 19, 2018 at 6pm.... There is no formal itinerary or speakers. We will all be networking, drinking and eating PLUS will have

1: Small breakout sessions where you can ask local experts questions or chime in on a few topics related to finding deals, flipping, wholesaling, rentals, finding money, construction, etc..

2: An open mic so anyone can come up and ask questions, discuss their deals or ask for advice.

This is an informal meeting and an opportunity for all Baltimore & DC area investors to spend time meeting each other, getting their questions answered and having fun...

Feel free to bring an Investor or Realtor friend who you think will benefit from the group...

For More Information About This Event And What Others Are Saying About This Group-- Watch This Video:

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The Real Estate Investing Incubator has No Pitching, Selling or Gurus.... LOCAL INVESTORS DOING DEALS TODAY...

Finish 2018 strong and looking forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday December 19th at 6 pm at Nottingham's in Columbia, MD.

Please RSVP To Save Your Seat.

See Ya Then!

Jason Balin & Chris Haddon


Real Estate Investing Incubator Meetup Group