OKC Investor Happy Hour

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  • 01/08/19 06:00PM - 09:00PM America/Chicago
  • VZD's - Upstairs at the back of the restaurant, 4200 N Western Ave Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73118
  • Free

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We have a new meeting location: VZD's Restaurant and Bar on Western!

This is a monthly happy hour that takes place the second Tuesday of each month in OKC.

It's a chance to meet with like minded people from around the Oklahoma City metro to discuss real estate investing!

Seasoned and new investors are all welcomed. No Agenda and No Sales Pitches, just people talking about their financial futures.

We have people doing all types of deals across the metro from Yukon Mustang Moore Norman Edmond Guthrie Midwest City Del City and Shawnee. Come meet real investors and see what is working for them. Common topics of discussion include Real Estate Investing, Rehabbing, Wholesaling, Owner Financing, Buy & Hold Rentals, Property Management, Creative Financing, Private and Bank Lending.

I'll be in OKC around this time to manage a couple flips that I'm doing there. I'd love to meet some other investors in that area!

@JJ Gritts I’m flying in 2/1-2/3 and going to keep your Meetup in mind for future trips. Any other meetups you would recommend?

@Kellen Canfield Come join us if you have time. We'd love to meet you.

@Rick Bracelin There are a number of meetings in town, some post here others just use FB or Meetup.com those are good places to checkout. Millionaire Possibilities is probably the biggest and most attended meeting in town. 

Thanks for setting it up. I am newbie in REI and I will be there.

@JJ Gritts what time does this start? The mobile app is terrible about showing the specifics of the event for some reason so I can’t see it.

It starts at 6.

Thanks to everyone who made it out on Tuesday! It was nice meeting  you guys, hopefully you made some good contacts, and got good info out of the meeting. Don't hesitate to contact me if I can be of help in the future. Hope to see you next month!

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