4-Day Apartment Investing Mastery Boot Camp

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  • 01/24/19 08:30AM - 06:00PM America/New_York
  • See details below for content and registration, Must register to find location see details below Pontiac, Michigan 48341
  • $995

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This is a 4-Day Event which begins on Thursday, January 24th and concludes on Sunday, January 27th in Pontiac, Michigan.

Why buy 1, when you can buy 10 or 20 or 50 or 100+!!!!

Learn how and why you should be purchasing apartments and other commercial property and adding it to you RE Investing Portfolio right now!

4 content filled days starting with Finding the Right Market and Deals, Analyzing Deals, Making Offers, Due Diligence, Financing, Negotiating Better Terms, all the way thru the Closing Process. I guarantee your satisfaction!!! If you're not completely satisfied that your time and money was well spent over the 4-Day Boot Camp, I will give you DOUBLE Your Money Back!!!

Click here to learn more and to register: Success Classes Training

Cost for the 4-Day Apartment Investing Boot Camp and Home Study Course Package is only $1495. The HSC contains Software, Forms, Audio and Video files. If you only want to attend the BC without purchasing the HSC (not recommended), you can attend for only $995. All of these details are contained on the webpage above.

@Anthony Chara, what source do you like to find mom and pop apartment owners? The Apartment Guide, Property Radar, Listsource, Title Reps, RPR for agents?

Hi @Joe Yobaccio , it's been a while since I've needed to contact M&P apartment owners, but when I did, I would use my local title company in Colorado. I'd give them my parameters anywhere in the country and they would provide me with a list in my target area. They charged me a whopping $5 for the whole list no matter how short or long.

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