You know the old saying, “behind every great leader is a great team”… Well, it’s true. Ask the world’s most successful business people – including real estate investors – for their secrets and there’s a huge chance that all of them will list “the right team” as one of the biggest factors to their success. No one who’s truly successful does it all themselves. If you want to catapult your real estate investing business to the next level and find the kind of financial and professional success you’re looking for, you need to assemble a team of experts to support you on the way.

Some of the members of your team should include:- real estate agents- home inspectors, who can spot things you might never notice- rehab crews, who can do work in much less time than you could, assuming you want to pick up a hammer- contractors, who can finish off a repair job in next to no time- appraisers, who can give you accurate values on given houses- mortgage brokers, who can arrange the needed financing- hard money lenders, who can provide needed financing in a crunch- title company agents, who can prepare the proper paperwork- real estate attorneys, who can make sure everything is in order

Join us at the upcoming February MAREIA General Meeting, we are bringing in some of our personal "Dream Team" members that have helped us get to where we are today.

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