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  • 03/18/19 06:00PM - 08:00PM America/New_York
  • Fenimore's Pub at The Queensbury Hotel, 88 Ridge Street Glens Falls, New York 12801
  • Free

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Hello Glens Falls Area Investors!

It seems there hasn't been a Bigger Pockets event in this area in quite some time, if ever at all. I recently attended a BP event in Albany, and was encouraged, and inspired. It motivated me to create a BP Event for Glens Falls area investors, new or old, looking to connect with other enthusiastic individuals, expand their network, and share valuable insight from their real estate investing experience. We will meet at Fenimore's Pub at The Queensbury Hotel.

Hope to see you there!



Dan, when is this taking place? I have been trying to get something in the works with regular meets at spot coffee. 

I look forward to hearing from you! 

Hi Dylan,

The meet-up takes place on Monday evening, 03/18/19, at 6:00 pm at Fenimore's Pub at The Queensbury Hotel, 88 Ridge Street Glens Falls, New York 12801.

Hope you can make it.


Hey everyone,

I'm in the Saratoga area and new to the BP forums. Looking forward to attending this event and meeting other investors from the area.

Hello Michael,

Welcome! Looking forward to meeting you and others from the area on the 18th.

@Dan Jordan  Thank you for putting this together! My mom is a real estate investor in Queensbury and Albany. I will let her know about this. I look forward to attending one myself one of these days as I will be moving to the Queensbury area soon.

@Michael Walliman You're welcome! If your mom can make the BP meet-up this month have her mention she's your mother. Nice you'll be moving back to the area. I grew up in Glens Falls, moved to Boston, and have been back in the area for a while with my wife and 4 kids. This is a wonderful area to raise a family in! Looking forward to meeting you at some point.

I look forward to this meetup! I recently moved back to the area and I’m excited to make some connections and do some deals.

Welcome back to the area Nick! I look forward to meeting you on the 18th.


Thanks for setting this up. Always hard to find time to work these into the schedule. Looking forward to meeting everyone.

Thank you all- it was great connecting and I look forward to the future meetups! 

Hello Everyone who attended tonight's Meet-Up in Glens Falls, NY.

Thank you for coming! We had an excellent turn out and it was great connecting with all of you! We'll plan on meeting again next month. I'll nail down a Monday evening and post it here. For those who couldn't attend, try to make it next month. I would also encourage those of you who are interested in expanding your networking area to attend the BP Meet-Up in Albany, held at the Albany Pump Station the first Monday of every month. These Meet-Ups are an excellent resource for investors old and new.

Thanks again Dan for setting this up. Great meeting everyone and looking forward to the next one!

Nice meeting everyone! Thanks for setting this up Dan, it was a good time.   Looking forward to future meetings!

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