Join us online as we show you behind the scenes our investment property selection process. We will go through the stages involved in assessing a property, the questions that we ask, the assumptions we make, and how they influence the property analysis process.

During This Live Webinar, You Will Learn
~ 4 important metrics you need to know when evaluating a property and what values to look for
~ The first "make or break" filters to analyze a deal, so you don't waste time and resources
~ The "Holy Trinity" - what it is and why it's important
~ 5 specific things you must look for in an operating memorandum
~ Operating memorandum information to be cautious about, and validate externally
~ 3 costly but common pitfalls to avoid

Tuesday, February 12th 6PM Pacific

If you want a proven system for buying multifamily properties, then this live training is for you!

You Will Discover:

Prefacing an Assessment: Identifying your goals
Reading the Property Package: Keywords to watch out for
Vacancies: Understanding economic vacancies vs physical vacancies.
Avoiding Surprise Expenses: Asking the right questions can save hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Team: Resources and partners you need on your team.
Numbers: The nitty, the gritty, numbers game.
Understanding Value-Add: The different types of value adds, costs vs returns
Capital Stack: financing and assumptions
Assessing Returns: Tying in with your goals

Meet our presenter:

Anna Myers
Director, Acquisitions
Grocapitus Investments

Anna works very closely with Neal to underwrite properties and make offers for Neal’s clients. Her background as a software developer gives her a distinct edge when it comes to data-rich financial analysis. She is a graduate of Neal’s Apartment Magic boot camp.

Important: This is a live virtual online event. You only have one chance to join us LIVE. Don’t miss it!

Tuesday, February 12th 6PM Pacific