We have an absolute must-attend meetup in Feb at the Lebanon meetup, as I promised back in Jan. Matt Wolf will be joining us in Feb at the Lebanon real estate investors meetup. For those you that don't know Matt, Matt is a commercial broker who specializes in evaluating, listing, and selling real estate deals --- typically larger deals.

Matt is an amazing speaker because he has seen properties trade across a massive area --- working a massive territory across PA. He understands the market as well as anyone, and can teach you a ton about how sellers and buyers interact.

Matt also has a couple real-time deals for sale that he will show-off, and explain how he came to their current value. Whether you are just looking to get started, or are looking to accelerate your real estate business --- Matt is an amazing person to get to know and hear speak. I promise that everyone in the room will learn something at the meetup.

I will also be giving a short overview on Opportunity Zones, because I think its a key topic for investors to understand in 2019, with example properties for sale in opportunity zones.

Come join this free monthly meetup on all topics real estate investing. Each month we have a case study of a real estate investing deal, local off-market deals available from investors, and a main speaker who is an expert in a different real estate topic.

We have pizza at 630, content kicks off at 7..... always at the Days Inn in Lebanon. Nothing is for sale and there's no charge --- just join a group of investors that are looking to meet like-minded people.

RSVP Here: https://www.meetup.com/Lebanon-County-Real-Estate-Investing-Meetup/events/wxsmppyzdbzb/