Finding Money for your Deals with Matt Faircloth

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  • 02/25/19 06:30AM - 08:30PM America/New_York
  • Blackjax Restaurant, 668 Benjamin Franklin Highway Birdsboro, Pennsylvania 19508
  • Free

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You may not know it, but this guy (literally) wrote the book on raising private money for Bigger Pockets. Yea, he's kind of a big deal.

Matt Faircloth is the cofounder and president of the DeRosa Group, a real estate investment company that specializes in buying and renovating dilapidated properties. Matt and his wife, Liz, started investing in real estate in 2004 with a $30,000 loan. DeRosa owns and controls a diverse portfolio consisting of residential and commercial assets throughout the East Coast and has completed more than $30 million in real estate transactions involving private capital. Not only does he know his stuff, but his wife Liz (and her co-host Andresa) runs an amazing podcast about female real estate investors (check it out: This is going to be a phenomenal meetup. Don't miss it!

Come with questions around syndications, buy and hold investing, private money, self-managing vs using a property management company, Pennsylvania vs New Jersey, and anything else you can think of.

And if you want to do your homework before the meetup, grab a copy of his book. :)

RSVP here:

Might be hitting the limit of # of people who can RSVP.  I just increased the max RSVP list -- so maybe try it now?   Either way --- you can still come!   

Sorry -- somehow the time got listed incorrectly here.  The meetup is at 630 PM tonight.  I just noticed that it was listed at 3PM on here.  My apologies, really sorry!  Hope to still see everyone tonight at 630 at Blackjax.... should have a great crowd -- 80+ local investors.

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