Many people come to my meetups stating that they want to be a real estate investor but they don't have any experience or money but that they have heard that they could get started with no money down.  The problem with this is that if they do not change certain financial habits they will likely become worse off financially if they become a real estate investor.  Let me explain. 

People who do not have, and live by good, sound financial principles often get into trouble financially; and the answer is not to make more money.  Making more money will likely just get them further into financial trouble without understanding financially fit principles.  

This class teaches the financial sound principles of the wealthy and helps people develop the mindset of the wealthy.  The class curriculum was developed by multimillionaires and is taught my a millionaire.  

As a therapist, a real estate investor, and a student of finances for the past 15 years, I have seen many individuals struggle with their money and couples fight over finances and many investors boom and bust because of a poor financial foundation. 

Individuals and couple who attend this this Financial Fitness Masters Class will learn the offense, the defense, and the playing field of money. They will learn how to structure their finances in a realistic way that will best help them achieve their goals and dreams.

This class goes beyond what Dave Ramsey talks about with getting out of debt and it provides a more solid structure and outline than what Robert Kiyosake teaches in his books. Compared to every book I have read on the subject and every financial program I’ve seen, this program is by far the best and most complete financial program out there.

If you have a goal for 2019 to get into a better financial position then this class will absolutely help you achieve that goal. To register for the class, click the following link:

I hope to see you there.