Maui Real Estate Investing Meetup #12

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  • 03/28/19 05:30PM - 08:30PM America/Los_Angeles
  • 100 Wailea Golf Club Dr Wailea, Hawaii 96753
  • Free

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Aloha all,

Join me and other likeminded investors Thursday, March 21st for Maui's twelfth REI meet up.

We had a great time at the last meet ups, many new connections and ideas formed. We now have a solid group of investors that are looking for actively for good deals, so bring them to the table if you have any. Totally new to investing? Come and learn.

Come if you want to better yourself by helping each other pursue our REI goals via discussion, collaboration, and accountability.

Event location may change in the coming days- in talks of getting an office space to meet at

Whoop whoop! I’ll definitely try to make it. Suppose to be doing a quick vacation to Oahu around then, but if I’m on Maui, I’m there!

Would love to attend if I can finish up my current rehab project before then. Should be close!

I will be there! Looking for people that want to do deals! 

Note: the time is 5:30-8:30pm HST, not LA time lol

First timer - look forward to learning and meeting you all!

Let’s do kihei maui brew co! 

I'd never say no to a Big Swell :)

Hey Christian,

I had to go out of town this week, so I'll be at the next one. I'll follow up with you soon.



Aloha all, Meetup is on the 28th, changed the date about two weeks ago, but want to make sure everyone knows, had to make sudden trip to Oahu. 

Would this be a business expense? Indianapolis based. I would love to come!!!

Originally posted by @Bryan Richardson :

Would this be a business expense? Indianapolis based. I would love to come!!!

 Yes definitely, do it!

Has this date always been scheduled for the 28th???  I could have sworn it said the 21st   


Originally posted by @Patrick Franta :

I take it were not meeting at Brew Co?

 MBC next time, I didn't want to change location on here and meetup and confuse people

UPDATE: Gannons did not have a table for us tonight! I sincerely apologize and hope that no one drove far to come. There was some confusion and Gannon’s is literately over booked all night and can’t squeeze us in. 

We’re havibg a small get together at a friends house nearby. Text me or Christian for the impromptu location. 

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