Michigan Buy & Hold Meet Up

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  • 03/21/19 06:30PM - 10:00PM America/Detroit
  • Upper Floor, Mesa Restaurant, 312 Mains Street R, Michigan 48067
  • Free

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This meet up is about networking with people that are into buy & hold real estate, including single family, plexes, and apartments.  We sometimes have a short presentation, either information sharing or allowing different vendors to introduce themselves.  The majority of the evening is devoted to talking with other people, sharing experiences and helping each other to grow and improve our real estate returns.

Networking is always good.  It is opportunity to learn and grow.  

@Saravanan Saravanan

Hope you can make it.   Unfortunately, I'm on vacation and will miss this month's meet up.   

When you come in, please introduce yourself to Mike, Jim, or Tracy.  They organize these events and I just help post them on BP.

I won’t be able to attend now. I have a schedule conflict that I forgot about. Looking forward to attending these meet-ups


Is this event still happening? :)

@Dan Hedges

@Brandon Stone

This meet up is published well beyond this BP events forum.  It is definitely happening.  

We typically have 40 people come every month.  Only a portion will hear about it from BP

@Greg Scott thanks for the clarification - I was under the assumption it didn't reach outside the BP forum. Looking forward to meeting you all next meeting.

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