Indianapolis Property Tour

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  • 03/23/19 09:00AM - 09:00AM America/Chicago
  • Meeting place to be announced, Downtown Indianapolis Indianapolis, Indiana 46077
  • $20

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Are you interested in the Indianapolis market?

If so, great!

We're hosting a two-day, in-depth, tour of the Indianapolis rental market and Roofstock inventory in the area. We'll tour around the area while being led by an area expert who can answer any/all questions you have about the market. We will also be offering 1-on-1 investing sessions before and after the tour so you can have all of the information on the market and the assets at your fingertips.

Grab your tickets for the event here:

@Zach Evanish

who is your local broker?

I’m not looking for turn key as my interest is buying homes to fix and flip or fix and hold, so I am more interested in the selling side-which is when I’m ready to sell those rehabbed homes to an investor looking for a turn key cash flowing home.

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