Pittsburgh REIA monthly meeting - Flipping and more

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  • 03/19/19 05:00PM - 05:00PM America/New_York
  • All first time guests are free, feel free to bring friends, 3579 masonic way Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15237
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Come one, come all    The monthly meeting of the Pittsburgh real estate investors association is upon us. There will be a host of learning and networking activities.  

We open the meeting at 6pm and do a solid hour of networking so you can get to know the movers and shakers in our area.  This is when partnerships and joint ventures are formed, and deals are created. 

Next, we move to meat of the meeting. This is where our vendors tell us about the special deals that they have for Pittsburgh REIA members. We will hear from a lawyer, an accountant, and a property manager. Each segment will teach you something valuable that you can use in your real estate business.

Lastly, our very own local flipper Brian Snyder will spend some time, teaching us how he makes big check flipping houses right in the Pittsburgh area. More importantly, he will tell you how to avoid some of the common mistakes that new investors make.  This advice will save you lots of money and pain. 

See you all soon 

Josh Caldwell

Hey Josh,

You give us the time of the meeting but not the dates.  Could you add this information to future posts?  Thanks!

@Jay Hill Hey Jay, the date is up at the top, it was the 19th.  The next meeting is the same time and location and it will be held on the 16th of April. We are always on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.  I might as well announce my guest for that meeting while I am here. We have the legendry Lou Brown coming in to teach us about trusts and how they can be used to safely take over mortgages without triggering the due on sale clause.  Also a lot of really cool asset protection stuff, and it even avoids probate for your next of kin. If you really want to be in the loop, go to PittsburghREIA.com and sign into our free newsletter. 

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