Downeast Maine Investors Meetup

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  • 04/18/19 07:00PM - 10:00PM America/New_York
  • China Hill Bar, 301 High St Ellsworth, Maine 04605
  • Free

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Calling all Downeast Maine investors to an initial meetup with the goals of building community and helping each another learn and grow. I've met several Downeast investors at the Bangor meetup (every first Wednesday at Nocturnem), so hoping there's interest to start a more local version. Flexible on location. For now suggesting the China Hill Bar in Ellsworth!  Hope to see you there at 5pm til however long we choose to stay.  Let me know if you plan to attend so I can alert you if there's a change.

-Pete C.

Link to China Hill

I wont be an attendee but you may get more people if you do 6PM.  Most people get out of work at 5PM

@Cody DeLong thanks for your feedback! Depending on response I will definitely keep your suggestion in mind - thanks again, hope you can join us sometime!

@Pete Collier Are you also planning the first Wednesday of the month? I didn’t grab that from your post.

Thanks Jason sorry for causing confusion. First Wednesday is the Bangor meetup. Suggesting third Thursday for this meetup.

I may be able to support if I had more notice. It would have to be later for me to attend. Thanks for your efforts.

@Ed Emmons Thanks Ed! Your talk at the Bangor meetup a few months ago was awesome. New start time is 7pm. Would be great to see you! 

Hi Pete, I look forward to being there! 

I am planing to attend.
Thanks for the initiative!

8 attended the first Downeast Maine Investors meetup at China Hill last night.  Thank you @Tsvetomir Nikolov, @Brett Jones, and @Laura Farr for being there. Thank you @Ryan Murdock for the moral support from Maui!  We had great conversation, I learned a lot, and it was cool that we basically stayed until they kicked us out!  But a big thanks to China Hill for hosting.  Hope to see everyone again next month. THIRD THURSDAYS, CHINA HILL, 7PM

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