Lake Norman RE Meetup

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  • 04/17/19 06:30PM - 09:30PM America/New_York
  • Sabi Asian Bistro - 130 Harbour Place Drive Davidson, North Carolina 28036
  • Free

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Join us on the third Wednesday of every month for an informal meet up to discuss real estate with like-minded individuals in the Lake Norman area! This meeting is for wholesaler's, rehabber's, buy/hold, property management, commercial, residential, realtors, contractors, and lenders - newbies to advanced. Bring your business cards and come and network with us! We will more than likely have an appraiser speaking this month with more details to be announced!

Although the meeting starts at 6:30, please feel free to come even if you are going to be late (we know how traffic and life can get in the way!). Going forward, we will probably aim to keep the meetings to an hour and if you want to stay after to network you are more than welcome!

Can't wait to see y'all there :)

Hi all! 

Lisa Marie Shapiro from Fairway Independent Mortgage will be speaking this month! Lisa Marie is a Senior Mortgage Planner at Fairway Independent Mortgage. She will be speaking about a HomeStyle renovation loan program with a focus on investors. This is a program that allows investors to buy rental properties and finance in the renovations, at 85% LTV. The beauty of this is that unlike hard money loans at double digit interest rates plus points, you could put down as little as 15% of the total (purchase price and renovation costs) with interest rates closer to 6%-6.5%. This is great for landlords as the only caveat is you have to hold the property for a year.

Look forward to seeing you guys next week!

I will be attending. 

I am new  to real estate invest and looking forward getting deep into it.

@Zapata Tate Great! This will be a good topic for you to listen in on + there is a lot of really good people to meet :)

Awesome meeting you! I tried added you but it wont let me lol. I hope to hear from you soon.


@Kevin Anthony it was great to meet you too! I sent you a request so hopefully that works :)

Got it! Thanks! Hope to hear from you soon about other meetings. I really appreciate it! :0)

Hi all. Thank you for hosting this Caten. It was a pleasure meeting so many of you. Carlos I tried to find you on here but I don't see you when I search. PM me and I will send you the name of the guy with the free calculators. 


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