Learning from my son (pictured above), he is, and I'm not.

Or am I, just in process?

Join us for an evening of universal concepts. Applying to the wealthy and the struggling, around the globe. These simple, clear distinctions helped me better understand my own thoughts, and are useful to all people looking to better their lot in life. If it works for the billionaires, I'm thinking it will work for me. All of us need the same message: It's about life, not the bottom line.


When: April 16, 2019; Tuesday at 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM PST
Where: Unitek College - 4670 Auto Mall Pkwy Fremont, CA



Come listen to veteran real estate investor and co-founder of BAMF, Jean-Marc Landau, for an evening of heart-full thought and investment theory for the current times.

See you Tuesday in Fremont.

Jean-Marc Landau , Host