Quad Cities Real Estate Investors Meeting

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  • 06/18/19 06:00PM - 08:00PM America/Chicago
  • The Stardust , 218 Iowa St Davenport, Iowa 52801
  • Free

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Mark your calendars for another Quad Cities real estate investing meeting on Tuesday June 18th 2019 from 6-8PM at the Stardust in downtown Davenport! We had a great turnout and an excellent networking event for our last meeting, lets see if we can keep this going. Whether you are a seasoned investor, new investor, or somewhere in between come prepared to meet new like minded people, share your knowledge, learn from others, and overall just have a great time. Please reach out to Shawn Faris or Alex Bock with questions.

@Shawn Faris I'm from Dubuque and invest up here, but recently bought a flip project in Davenport.  Is this group/meeting coming up open to anyone or do I need to be a member first?  I'd be interested in taking a trip down and check out your group.  We have a similar group up in DBQ but I'd enjoy meeting you all too.

@Luke Hoffmann This meeting is absolutely open to anyone, no membership or anything like that. Just a great opportunity for networking with like minded people. Hope to see you there. I think even hearing about your perspectives on the Dubuque area would be interesting for this group as well and we would be happy to share our perspectives on QC market.

Are you scheduling a meeting this month or next?  Have been busy the last few on the dates posted, but would love to come to the next one if it's on a day I'm free!! 

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