CDA North Idaho REI Meeting!

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  • 07/02/19 06:30PM - 08:30PM America/Los_Angeles
  • 3931 N Schreiber Way Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83815
  • Free

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The North Idaho REI Team is dedicated to providing free networking and educational opportunities to people interested in any and all aspects of real estate investing. As a team of investors and Realtors, we know better than anyone that real estate investing has something to offer anyone of any skill level. With the right connections and education, we believe you can achieve all of your real estate investing goals. Join us the first Thursday of every month for new guest speakers and free networking (the free cookies are a plus too)!

@Nick Beveridge

Glad to hear there's one up there! How's the Airbnb market in the winter?

I don't have any Airbnb's myself, however I have heard from many investors that it slows enough to consider 6 months of long term leasing and 6 months of short term.

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