REI Social: Venn Brewing -South Mpls Real Estate Investing Meetup

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  • 06/20/19 06:30PM - 09:00PM America/Chicago
  • Venn Brewing, 3550 East 46th St Minneapolis, Minnesota 55406
  • Free

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This event is for anyone with an interest in real estate investing. For experienced investors to newbies, this meetup is a casual and open environment for people to educate, learn, and meet interesting people. This is open networking and there no speaker. It is crucial to have a wide network in the real estate investing world and it is directly correlated to the level of success you achieve. I learn so much from every person I meet and look forward to learning more.

Come down for a Beer or Kombucha!

• What to bring
Positive attitude, ideas, and business cards.

I'll be out of town! Sorry to miss it Kurt!

Hi @Kurt Pauley , sounds great! 

thanks for setting this up, looking forward to the meet up!

Updated 2 months ago

Hey Kurt, Work has me swamped this week but would love to attend when I can!

I would like to join you all. However, I will be a bit later than 6:30 is that okay?

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