Most investors are attracted to wholesaling because its a strategy that can be done with little (or no) money and with little (or no) risk. You have the ability to make money fairly quickly compared to buying, flipping or holding rentals. BUT... just like any business, wholesaling is hard work and needs to be taken seriously. Good wholesalers actually have a greater skill set than other investors since they need to be experts in all aspects of the business.

We invited Terry Royce to speak at this months Meetup group.
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Terry Will Discuss The 4 Core Strategies of Wholesaling:

1) Finding Deals - This is the #1 struggle of most investors today.
2) Analyzing Deals - Looking at all types of deals and understanding the proper way to analyze them.
3) Selling / Exiting Deals - Who are you target buyers and how to grow your list.
4) Systematizing The Process & Implementing It – Most Important!!

Terry has a well defined plan that he has tweaked and perfected over the years and will go through his exact systems he currently uses with his team in his business that streamlines his operation.

+BONUS+ Everyone will leave with Terry's:
Property Inspector's Manual & Checklist for FREE

Wednesday, June 19th at 6pm at Nottingham's in Columbia, MD.

Free to attend but please RSVP. Please share with a friend who wants to invest in real estate or buy investment properties this year!!

No Pitching, No Selling, No Gurus


Jason Balin & Chris Haddon
Real Estate Investing Incubator Meetup Group

P.S. Please make sure to RSVP since seats are limited and this will be a packed house!