Many investors are confused by the different ways of finding deals and the best source for finding properties. This confusion often leaves investors sitting on the sideline or even passing over deals! To kill the confusion, Chris Lopez and Joe Massey put together The Deal Quadrant to educate investors. 

You overcome confusion by learning from and talking with local investors and professionals, which leads to action. That’s the goal of this class.

The Deal Quadrant was created to easily explain the different ways you can find properties. We’ll cover in depth for each quadrant (or source for finding a deal):

* The pros and cons.
* The skill level needed.
* The time commitment needed.
* The risk level.
* What financing options work for each quadrant.
* When and when not use a real estate agent.

Understanding the quadrant is only part of the equation. The class will then focus on helping you define your deal requirements so you know what quadrants on which to focus. If you can’t clearly articulate your deal requirements, you can’t find them, and people won’t know what to bring you!

The class will end with helping you know which quadrant(s) should be your main focus.

Investing Experience: Beginner to Intermediate.

Who is this class for: Investors and Agents.

Bonus: All attendees will receive a free copy of the “The 2019 Guide To Denver Real Estate Investing Strategies” book.

@Joe Massey - Senior Loan Officer, Team Massey Lending - Castle & Cooke Mortgage, LLC
Chris Lopez - Investor-friendly realtor with Your Castle Real Estate

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