We always meet the first Tuesday of every month and have local pros speaking on their REI expertise. No sales, No BS, that's why we charge so we can pay for the room.

This Tuesday Night July 2nd

Jeffrey Richman- Subject to is what he do

Scott Patterson- Negotiating FTW

FREE Beer to the select 25

Cost is $20 or 2 for $30

Jeffrey Richman- He has been around the block a few times, too many times actually. Once he went so fast around the block, he ended up in a ditch and had a long recovery to get back to real estate. As he sat in the hospital, he knew he had a higher purpose. That purpose was to try to pass on the knowledge of subject to's he had gleaned from all of the REI gurus of the southeast. He's been in their circles and has done more subject to's than there are medal rods in his body and that is a ton. This brings him here to the trenches where he will live out his purpose training the minion grasshoppers the intricacies of subject to's. Come learn from one of the masters so you don't end up in the ditch of has been real estate investor wannabes.

I will be presenting on the often neglected, but critical aspect of real estate- Negotiating. Sorry but that’s my highest and best, but you will for sure learn a technique to save or earn you thousands. I used one last Friday and got the bank to eat 10k and I’ll tell the tale or brag, same thing.

Sugar Creek Brewing Co.

215 Southside Dr 

Charlotte NC 28217