Panel Discussion- Jeri Schlickbernd, Patrick Rigg, Ben Katt, and Collin Schwartz.

When: July 17th - Networking at 6pm, presentation starts at 7pm.Where: This event will be held in the basement of Paddy McGown's 4503 Center St. and is FREE to attend!
Jeri Schlickbernd: DVG Realty
Patrick Rigg: PMR Properties

Ben Katt: Collective Development

Collin Schwartz: Brick Town Management

This event will consist of both pointed questions as well as lots of audience participation. The panel combined owns and manages well over 1,000 rentals houses, apartments, and commercial spaces.

This group will focus on bringing together business owners, contractors, local house hackers, flippers, buy and hold investors, lenders, wholesalers, apartment investors, and individuals new to the industry so we can share knowledge and help each other grow.

*Please forward invite to any individuals who would like to attend*

If you have any questions please reach out to for more details.

Collin Schwartz

[email protected]