Zoning codes can be so confusing that many Rookies just ignore them. Not the best plan! When you understand the reasons for the codes and what cities are trying to accomplish, they make more sense.

Sloan Scroggins comes from a strong construction background. His family has been in the contracting business for years. It's that background that led him to service on the Planning Commission and last year to run for - and win - a seat on the Fayetteville City Council. In the meantime, he teaches full time at UA and is in the middle of a $150K rehab project! He's my go-to guy for all things building related.

Tonight Sloan will walk us through the zoning codes maze. While the codes may vary from city to city - 34 municipalities in NWA, the basis for having them is the same. He'll share with us:

  • Why the codes are there
  • What they are trying to accomplish
  • Why it's important investors comply
  • How to find the codes for your town
  • What to do if you need a variance
  • Future trends in urban planning

Join us for an informative evening that could save you thousands of dollars. Pick the brain of a guy who has been involved in all stages of setting up the codes and defining what you'll be able to do as you plan your next project - or your current one. He's a great guy, easy to talk to and incredibly knowledgeable. You'll be glad you attended this one.

See you Thursday at San Miguel for fun, networking and a great meal.