Texas Real Estate Educational Physical Meetup for Beginners

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  • 07/18/19 07:00PM - 08:00PM America/New_York
  • Skeeter's Mesquite Grill, 16535 Lexington Blvd Sugar Land, Texas 77479
  • Free

Disclaimer: BiggerPockets does not support or sponsor any meetups unless otherwise noted. Do your due diligence before attending any events. You may be agreeing to attend an event that includes promotion, pitching, or high-pressure sales tactics or techniques. There may be pitching of products, services or properties at this event!

This event is for primarily Members only or those who want to come for the first time. This event will be like none you have attended this far. We take you to the depths of renovation, for flip and buy and hold strategies. Learn from the pros. We will do site visits and see the homes and strategies in action. Learn how it is really done. Don't worry about fancy dinners and speakers who try to sell you books and tapes. We do not do this. We will get into the bones of the homes that you will buy renovate and flip or hold.

You need a team. Learn the processes and meet the people on that team that you can pick from to help you succeed. Surround yourself with people who can show you from your wholesale purchase, to getting money, to getting title insurance, to getting a contractor, to getting the proper home insurance, to getting and good Broker. You can use members of our team or use our team to keep your team honest so that you win.

The goal here is to synergies as a whole. I am a firm believer that the team you work with should only make money when you make money. It they can put their time, skills, talents and money where their mouth is, then you have found the right team.

I am a believer in a team that succeeds when you succeed. So come on out and join the us for good old fashioned real estate education were the rubber hits the road.

See you at our meetup event

Originally posted by @Stanislass Jones :

I am a newbie to BiggerPockets, but have dabbled in real estate in the past. Looking to get back into it in the Houston area. Looking forward to this meet up. 

 Thanks Stanislass,
I really hope that you will join with us.
See you there !

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