As a value-add investor, there are very few experiences worse than being handed a laundry list of building code violations for your property.  Despite what it seems, Code Enforcement isn't "out to get you". They're not trying to "take you down" or put you out of business. Building codes were established for public safety and I think we can all agree that safety on our property is a top priority.

As Director of Code Enforcement for the City of Bangor, Jeff Wallace has the difficult task of balancing public safety with neighborhood re-development. He joins us to talk about the nuances of working with Code Enforcement throughout your next renovation project.

Jeff and his team are involved from initial planning and zoning, through periodic inspections, all the way to issuing a certificate of occupancy. Jeff's advocacy for common sense interpretations of the code make him a valuable partner for investors working in Greater Bangor so this is a meetup you certainly don't want to miss!

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