Tuesday August 6th!

Jay Parker – Telling isn’t Selling

Scott Patterson- How to Find the Deals

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6:30pm Sugar Creek Brewing in Charlotte NC

Cost is $20 or 2 for $30

In the trenches this month we have Jay “Smooooth Operator” Parker. What good are leads if you can’t close, what good is the water if the horse won’t drink? Jay breaks down how to use your language to sell your services. Selling your sellers, selling your tenants, selling your self to success can be done with brute force or through using language as your martial art of getting what you want and making the other party think it was their idea. Jay breaks down how we often “Tell” others what we can do for them, but with a few changes in our method and words we choose, we can get what we want “accidentally on purpose.”

I’ll be Telling you “How to Find the Deals” so you have someone and something to sell.

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