Hey everyone, at this month's luncheon we have a very creative topic, Swapping. No, not that kind of swapping!!! lol

Mr. Blake Allen with Allen Realty and an Equity Marketing Specialist will be presenting, "Introduction to Equity Marketing and Exchanging for Investors". Some of the things Blake will cover include:

--Learn about Exchanging: The Best Kept Secret in Real Estate

--Be exposed to the dynamic Exchange Marketplace, known to a small percentage of Real Estate Professionals, where properties are traded directly based on benefits and value, not price.

--Begin to understand Equity Marketing: How to exchange that part of the property that you actually own to increase your wealth.

--Be introduced to the idea of Exchange Formulas such as Creation of Wealth and 1031 Paper, to solve problems and create opportunity with Real Estate.

--Learn about the difference between Making Money on Real Estate and Investing for Profit in Real Estate.

--Learn all of this from a Broker with decades of experience trading Real Estate for profit.

One of my students will also be in attendance to talk about how she 'swapped' a Seller Carry Back Note on an office building for an RV Park.

This will be one very creative luncheon!!! Join us. RSVP ASAP as seats are limited.

Technically, there is no charge to attend this event, but we do request that you purchase lunch or at the very least a drink so we can continue to get our meeting space for free. Also, seats are limited and we don't want to have to turn people away, so please click this link, join our Meetup group and then RSVP to save yourself a seat: Click here to RSVP for the Luncheon.