Happy Hour Hangout - REI Meetup

What Do We Do - Every month we meet on the last Tuesday and talk about EVERYTHING related to Real Estate. This includes, but is not limited to: How to get Started, Strategies we use, Areas of interest, Events we attend, Market Updates, Books we Recommend, and much more!

Who Can Attend - Fix & Flippers, Wholesalers, Buy & Holders, and anyone investing or looking to invest in the wonderful world of Real Estate.

Our Mission - To create strong and long lasting relationships with like-minded individuals who are looking to grow as an investor in Real Estate ( while enjoying a drink and having a great time! )

Our Only Request - The event is 100% free but if you could please be so kind to purchase at least one item at the venue it would be greatly appreciated (50% off all drinks till 7pm & $2 Pizza @ 9pm). Even a bottle of water will keep them very willing to host our event as our group continues to grow. This is not mandatory at all to attend. Thank you!