Come join us at our Inland Empire Multifamily Meet-up! Let's chat about commercial multifamily, learn, and connect!

Welcome all multifamily investors in the Inland Empire and Greater Los Angeles area! Our meet up focuses on multifamily investors looking to learn together, to network with like-minded investors, and to begin investing in commercial multifamily deals. Commercial multifamily investing is a team sport, and we hope to help all of you start building that team!

While our focus is more on the beginning investor or those looking to learn about being a passive investor, we welcome commercial multifamily investors of all experiences levels.

See event information on at the following link:

Also, as we'd love to have more investors come to this event, feel free to join the group by following the above link. You can receive updated information about events by joining the group!

We look forward to seeing you at our meet-up!