Topic: Technology and Virtual Assistants: What is different about today?

  • - Change is happening so fast in real estate the gap between successful and unsuccessful businesses is exploding. Successful businesses all have one thing in common… a great team.
  • - What impact does technology play in today’s marketplace?
  • - How are the most successful investors leveraging technology today?
  • - How can you crush the competition in your market?
  • - What do the “big-boys” know that you don’t?
  • - What can a virtual assistant do for you?
  • - What are the most important tasks to outsource first?
  • - What does a “perfect” business look like?

Speaker: Robert Nickell

Robert Nickell had long perfected a series of systems and processes that helped launch him to the forefront of the industry. He has helped hundreds of investors and entrepreneurs with his workflows and proven systems — and that started with having a rockstar team in place. Robert is excited to share the insider secrets that separate the good from great.


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