All investors, but especially landlords have a vested interest in protecting their assets. Initially we do that by selecting an appropriate location based on our investment strategy. Buy and Hold investors have additional concerns with changing neighborhoods, screening tenants and being a good citizen within our communities.

One way savvy landlords protect their investments is to build a good relationship with local police. They are in the neighborhoods on a daily basis, know the good guys and the bad players, where they are and how they operate. Gangs are a particular area of concern for investors and a major focus for local police.

Officer Keith Foster is the Public Information Officer and Community Outreach Coordinator for Rogers Police Department. His 23-year career started with Patrol duty, moved to School Resources and included a stint with the Federal Task Force for Homeland Security. Officer Foster believes in informed action rather than fear tactics. He'll speak to us about:

  • Gang activity and where it's located
  • What to do if your property is in a gang area
  • How police departments deal with gangs
  • Preventing gang members from renting your properties
  • Building a relationship with local police

This is going to be a great program for landlords chock full of practical, hands-on information that you can put into practice today. Meet Officer Keith, pick his brain and start building that important relationship with local police. While you're at it, have a great lunch at Mimi's. See you Tuesday.