Vacancy rates of 0-3% in NWA are making new construction an essential strategy for our market. Buy and Hold investors gain an extra benefit of many years with low or no maintenance. Our speakers tonight are making $$ by tearing down existing low-priced houses and building new multi-family. It's a winning strategy!

Charlie and Elizabeth Adamsare a husband and wife team who have been investing since 1997. They currently lease 55 doors and recently sold twenty four units in Prairie Grove. They've built 3 duplexes in the last 18 months, but had trouble finding affordable land. Not ones to give up, they purchased four acres in Springdale and are developing a community of single and multi-family properties. They'll share with us:

  • Benefits of building new
  • Finding an affordable builder
  • Making the numbers work on a tear-down
  • The rezoning and permit process in Springdale
  • How they're developing four acres

Join us for a fascinating evening of new ideas and information from a couple who have developed a repeatable strategy for making money in our cramped NWA market. Bring your questions and learn how this dynamic team has grown from single to multi-family, rehabbing to new construction and now developing.

Network with other investors and while you're at it, enjoy a great meal. 

See you at Mimi's!