Get your “Bachelor’s Degree” in Landlording

This full-day class will teach you everything the average landlord needs to know to follow Oregon laws and to minimize your losses from “bad” tenants. The first half of the day includes everything from marketing, move-in, leasing paperwork, inspections, move-out, and final accounting. The second half goes through an in depth education on all possible tenant violations and what a landlord can do about each.

This is a must-attend class for anyone that manages their own properties and ideal for training new property management employees.

$100 for members and $150 for non-members.
Registration fee includes a comprehensive class book with slides and referenced laws.

Check-in: 8:30 am – 9:00 am
Class: 9 am – 12 pm
Lunch Break: 12-1 pm
Class: 1 pm – 4 pm