Why Not Now Asset Management Co. proudly presents, Hard Money Lending, with guest speaker Cory Nemoto.  

Cory Nemoto is the co-owner & founder of KÉCŌ CAPITAL.  Cory has been involved in multiple investment deals ranging from relocation, renovation, and new home development projects. He has been featured on multiple nationally renowned real estate investing podcasts as well as an influential guest speaker at local real estate meetings.  He specializes in deal sourcing & valuations, acquisitions, financing, investor relations, and project management.

If your are looking to find alternative ways to fund your deal?  Want to learn more about using hard money lenders from a local source?  Please join us for a night full of knowledge at the Kapolei UPS store at 645pm Wednesday September 25th at the UPS store in Kapolei. Seating is limited. Please RSVP