“Cash is KING” is a familiar saying in the investing world, and no one will argue against the fact that having piles of cash certainly makes business (and life) much easier. But for creative real estate investors who have mastered many “no money down” strategies for owning or controlling houses, perhaps a more important mantra to live by is, “Cash FLOW is King!”

In my experience in coaching students for nearly 20 years, I’ve found that nearly every investor (especially newer ones) will UNDERESTIMATE their expenses, and OVERESTIMATE their income, meaning that their monthly cash flow is significantly less than their Pollyanna expectations (and sometimes even NEGATIVE!)

At this month’s meeting of the Professional Investors Guild, we are going to lay out some strategies and techniques for MAXIMIZING your rental income on every single property, including some creative ideas you have never even thought of! Some of the topics to be covered include:

1. How to Get Started with Little to Money
2. What Most Investors MISS in Running their Numbers
3. The Property Type EVERY Beginner Should Consider
4. How to Avoid “Alligators” (& How They'll Eat You Alive if You Don’t!)
5. And So Much More!

If you own rental property, WANT to own rental property, or have ever even THOUGHT about owning rental property, then this is a meeting you simply can’t afford to miss! We'll be in DESTIN/FWB on Thursday, October 10th at the Emerald Coast Convention Center.

Registration and networking begin at 6:30 PM, and the meeting begins at 7 PM.