This Tuesday October 1st

Justin Bell – Unemployed Wholesalers Tips & Tricks for Survival

Scott Patterson- Is Wholesaling Legal? & Really Deep Thoughts on REI

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6:30pm Sugar Creek Brewing
Cost is $20 or 2 for $30

In the trenches this month Justin “Strong Oak” Bell, wholesaler extraordinaire, who started off like any other ASU graduate with a degree in “Renewable Energy” and all the promise of a solar panel in Seattle. Making 24k right out of school with a gel budget of half that, Justin knew he needed a change, so as any good millennial would, he turned to listening to real estate podcasts in the middle of the day while “working.”

Would you believe that even at 24k/year, he was still able to get fired 4 months later? Luckily, he now had time to watch YouTube videos in addition to the podcasts while he collected unemployment and ate Cheetos. But time would soon run short and the motivation of an ending unemployment check and love of Cheetos, Justin was able to put together a few deals through dumb luck, trial and error with a touch of divine intervention and went full time REI in 2011-12. Now, the one man show clobbers the market with 30-50 deals a year and is only now willing to share some of the tips and tricks he has accumulated through the years

I'll be presenting on 2 quick topics, "Is Wholesaling Legal" & "Really Deep Thoughts on REI" You'd be amazed at what actually keeps wholesaling legit, most get it way wrong, you'll also be amazed how deep the shallow end of my shower thoughts are.

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1st Tuesday of every month at Sugar Creek Brewing Co. in Charlotte NC We bring you local seasoned pros willing to share their experiences and knowledge while we enjoy some brewskys