Welcome Everyone!

Welcome to the Heirloom Investment Club hosted by Heirloom Property Management! Each month we feature a local industry specific sponsor and an industry specific guest speaker. Our goal is to facilitate networking and connecting on all things Real Estate Investment. It's a packed 90 minutes of pure real estate investing madness!

  • 7PM- 7:30PM - Open Conversation & Networking
  • 7:30-8PM - Sponsor Introduction and Guest Speaker Presentation
  • 8-8:30PM - Follow-up Conversation & Networking

NOVEMBER'S FEATURED SPONSOR: Zach Tillman with BZ Electric. Zach will be providing the beverages and available to network with and learn more about their services. 

NOVEMBER'S GUEST SPEAKER: Jodi Slick with Ecolibrium 3. Jodi will have the floor for 20 minutes to present on rehab grant programs for multi-family properties (free money!). You can learn more about what they do at: https://www.firstexchange.com

Our monthly meeting time will always be on a Tuesday at 7pm near the end of the month to keep it consistent! Check out our other upcoming event postings on the BP Events page, and join our local private facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/group...

Cheers from the Heirloom Team!