WealthLAB’s OPEN STAGE: How To Become An Expert Real Estate Investor With (Almost) No Seed Money Or Experience


Real estate is one of the most trusted strategies to create—and preserve—enormous amounts of wealth. From the sales agent to the developer, real estate creates more self-made millionaires every year than any other industry.


OPEN STAGE is a bi-monthly Q&A speaker series presented by WealthLAB and Hotel RL.

Every month, we host panels of diverse young entrepreneurs to share the tactics, habits, secrets, and tips that helped them get to where they are.

Our events feature—and are attend by—tech millionaires, investors, high rise real estate developers, bestselling authors and more.

Come make some friends, have fun, and learn from some of the top young entrepreneurs in the City.



Over the past two years, Millennials Philip Michael and Alexander Calle have acquired, developed or brokered up to $90M of deals, respectively. Philip as a developer and Alex as a broker.

In this Talk, Philip and Alex will share:

  • How to buy your first apartment with only 3.5% down
  • Getting started as a real estate investor with no prior experience (or even knowing what the hell you’re doing)
  • How to turn $500 a month in savings into an apartment building
  • Finding good deals in NYC
  • Why this one NYC Submarket is the best for startup investors
  • How to raise money (should you need it)


    The events are informal, intimate and interactive. At these events, there will be open bar from 6-8 pm with free wine, champagne and beer to help get the vibe right.

    We only have space for 150 people so make sure to RSVP fast!


    In this month’s OPEN STAGE: Real Estate edition, we’re featuring two awesome speakers who are among the premier rising stars in the New York City region:

    Alexander Calle, Keller Williams

    At 23, Alexander Calle is one of the rising young real estate agents in the country. Since starting his real estate career two years ago, Alex and his team has generated over $90M in sales.

    “I started by walking down the street and asking owners if they wanted me to rent their apartments,” Alex says. “From there, landlords started letting me handle their other properties.”

    Philip Michael, NYEG CEO

    Philip Michael is a real estate investor, bestselling author and entrepreneur. Starting with an FHA deal in 2016, Philip's built a real estate investment portfolio of luxury rental developments with over $85M in terminal value.

    Owner of the first-black owned high rise development in Jersey City, Philip’s been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Black Enterprise and BiggerPockets.

    His book Real Estate Wealth Hacking: How To Turn $500 Into $1M In 18 Months is a #1 bestseller and voted one of the best “real estate books of all time” by Book Authority.


    6:00 pm: Arrive

    You're done with work for the day. Head over to Hotel RL in Brooklyn, grab a drink and network with like-minded folks over a brew.

    6:45pm: Showtime...

    Speakers hit the stage at 6:45 pm. Bring your questions, notes and more. Our speakers are spilling all the tea.

    7:30pm: Hang out, mingle, meet the speakers

    Hang out, chug down your last drinks and meet Jasmine and the hosts. Meanwhile, RL’s own DJ Lit will be spinning hot tunes all...nite...long!

    (Or maybe it’s just Pandora. Either way, we turnin’ up!)

    Once again, come make friends, have fun, and learn from some of the top young entrepreneurs in the City.

    Free tickets, limited open bar tickets and full open bar tickets. RSVP here.


    OPEN STAGE is presented by:

    • WealthLAB, the fastest-growing money source for Millennials.
    • Hotel RL’s Living Stage, where guests and locals gather to enjoy themselves and be inspired.
    • Grungecake, a talent management agency that represents and works with stars like Omari Hardwick, Dwayne Johnson and many others.
    • NYEG, a real estate/fintech investment platform with luxury developments in NYC, Washington DC and Philadelphia.

    Philip Michael