Confessions of a Hard Money Lender, Hard Money Panel & Discussion

Date: Thursday, December 5th, 2019

Time: 6:30PM - 8:30PM

Location: Philly Office Retail, LLC

Jumpstart Germantown, LLC

4701 Germantown Avenue, 1st Floor

Philadelphia, PA 19144

Moderators: Evan Y. Shweky, Esq. & Joseph V. Scorese


To be Announced!

When you are seeking private lending options and see the types of deals the Hard Money Lenders have done and there decision making process. The Hard Money Panel we are hosting will dive into the back office and what is the right asset for them to fund on behalf of the borrower. The moderator and the panel will discuss into the following for your questions;

1.Why Do They Lend?

2.To Whom Do They Lend To?

3.Evaluating the Potential Loan: The Borrower

4.Evaluating the Potential Loan: The Deal

5.Evaluating the Potential Loan: There Terms

6.How to get them to say yes and not to say no.