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How to HOUSE HACK / Buy a House in the Bay Area and have the rents cover ALL or most of the mortgage to own a house for FREE!!

3 of the biggest Monthly expenses for any household
1. Mortgage
2. Food & Clothing
3. Transportation

How about our next speaker shows you ways how you can pretty much live for free in Bay Area.

Its not only what you save, but also how you invest that, which decides the speed at which you can accumulate wealth. If you can live in the area and save on one of the biggest expenses - housing, and in turn invest the savings into Real Estate to build a cash flow machine over years.

As a seasoned real estate agent and investor for the past 10 years, Tom Huong Tran has been involved with hundreds of transactions from traditional sales, REOs, Short-sales, to buying at Auctions. Tom began his Real Estate career at the age of 20 and starting working at a Century 21 Office in Sacramento. Shortly thereafter, Tom became a partner and successfully managed a real estate team with his two brothers David and Eric Tran. At a team level production, Tom and his two brothers Eric Tran and David Tran have sold over 900+ homes across northern California from Sacramento to the Bay Area.

Tom's passion is investing in Real Estate and applies his expertise to help investors make well informed decisions to acquire performing real estate assets with creative financing. Within the last few years, Tom has successfully purchased many single family properties to buy, fix and sell, making a profit for both himself and his investors. Now that the real estate market is shifting a bit again, Tom adjusts with the market and started to focus more on buy and holds in the Bay Area with high cash flow potential. Tom’s strategy is simple, buy houses over 2,000sf+ in high demand areas for under $1mil and add in the existing floor plan as many rooms and bathrooms as the city would permit. Next, Tom would rent out the home as a co-living house signing month to month leases ranging from $1,000 to $1,800 per bedroom. His latest project was a duplex purchased in Redwood City for $1mil and plans to build out 10 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms with a potential cashflow of $1,500 x 10 = $15,000 a month!

Whether it's investing for residual cash flow or investing for short term profits, Tom enjoys all aspects of real estate and enjoys sharing his knowledge with new and savvy investors.

Come chat with Tom today and learn how you can maximize in this dynamic real estate market!


Please pay for this event at our web site
$10 in advance, $15 at the door.
Note: Website Registration ends at 1pm on nov 20th.
As always, a copy of the audio and slide deck are included in the price of admission.

Seating is limited so reserve your spot.

When: Nov 20th 2019. Doors open at 6:30 pm for networking.

Agenda for this meeting:

1. Introductions and open mic time (please bring your flyers, cards or other promotional materials. Please limit your mic time to 60 seconds or less. If you would need more time, please contact the hosts to schedule your presentation)

2. Topic 1 - Private Money Lending/Partnering. Designed to give Private Money Investors and/or prospective Private Money Investor’s valuable information on the process of lending money to or partnering with redevelopers.

3. Topic 2 - Case Study. Designed to give beginning and prospective Rehabbers information on how to succeed in finding, evaluating, renovating and selling Bay Area houses.

4. Guest Presentation

5. Networking

Complimentary Coffee shall be available at the venue.

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