MasterMynd Meetup

Location: Hyatt Place Las Vegas

Investing in Las Vegas and Out-of-State Properties

Join us for an educational meetup hosted by Mynd Property Management featuring our team of experienced real estate investors and property managers. Presenters will share insider knowledge to help you create your real estate blueprint for today's market. In addition, you will learn Las Vegas' real estate fundamentals and a break down of out-of-state markets that are generating the greatest returns on investment.

Grow Your Portfolio with Our Real Estate Expert, Steve Rozenberg

Steve is a serial real estate investor that has owned, flipped and wholesaled over 100 properties. He built one of the fastest-growing property management companies with over 1,000 homes under management, he's a published author, keynote speaker, podcast creator and he has been featured on BiggerPockets.

Why Should You Attend the MasterMynd Meetup?

-To get up-to-date on the latest market trends shaping the Las Vegas market

-To network with local real estate investors and industry specialists

-To get insider tips and recommendations to grow your portfolio

-To learn about investing opportunities outside of your market

-Drinks and appetizers will be served.