In December, our main monthly meeting celebrates the holidays with fun and festivities! We will have a festive array of delicious food, several prizes and raffles, and plenty of opportunities for networking! One of the most valuable "gifts" that you receive as a benefit of being a NOREIA member is the NETWORKING. After all, having the right people on your team can make or break your success in this business. Building and maintaining that network is critical! It exposes you to new ideas and possible opportunities. Keeping up with the local real estate trends allows you to make smart decisions based on the current market. You can learn from the mistakes of experienced investors, get guidance on your latest deals and strategies, and possibly forge valuable partnerships that can propel your investment goals forward. Attending meetings regularly and making new connections can also help you build a solid reputation amongst the local investor community, enabling you to have more deals brought to you!
As always, we will have our market updates, vendor spotlight, and needs and wants.

Join us for some Christmas cheer!

**Please note this meeting is on the 2nd Thursday of the month, not our usual 3rd Thursday.***

Admission is free for members, $20 for guests