100+ Rentals in 5 Years with Full-Time Jobs

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  • 01/16/20 06:30PM - 08:30AM America/Chicago
  • Waters Edge Banquet Center, 200 Salt Lick Rd. St. Peters, Missouri 63376
  • Free

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Ok…so that is not the catchiest of titles… but man it is descriptive! Lucas Walls and Sam Primm have built a rental portfolio of well over 100 rentals in 5 years, all while with full time jobs. I guess we should also mention they partnered with Bryan Schroeder (yes that guy), in FasterHouse’s flipping company, which will buy 170 flipping houses this year. They might be young but they have bought over 300 doors between these two companies over the last few years. They are extremely excited and honored to share with everyone how they have done this. They have had their share of ups and downs and will hold nothing back. We PROMISE you will leave smarter than you came. You do NOT want to miss this one….


P.S. Most of this has been done with ZERO dollars out of their own pockets!

Learn more about the event HERE!

Great! Thanks for getting back in touch. I’m looking forward to the event 

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