🚨ATTENTION Buy/Hold Investors🚨
Have you ever had a tenant pay their rent late, only to promise to pay in a short period of time.... but that day came and went without a payment? What did you do?? What should you do? What are you legally allowed to do?

Are you wondering what you should have in your lease to protect yourself? Is the lease you use a download from Google? Did you have an attorney review all the forms and agreements you operate your business with?

When it does come time to evict a tenant, are you aware of the steps you need to take, the expected timeline, and the Do's & Don'ts of the eviction process?

This month's speaker is Brandon R. Conrad, Esquire from Saxton & Stump Attorneys and Consultants right here in Lancaster.
He's going to share:
☑️ the 10 things in the eviction process that will lose you 💲
☑️ the lease terms you better have in your lease
☑️ how to handle late payments
☑️ new technology coming to Lancaster (first in the state of PA) to streamline your process
☑️ what documents you need when standing in front of a judge
☑️ and stories that will make your jaw hit the floor 😧

Networking starts at 6:30, refreshments sponsored by The Slatehouse Group, presentation starts at 7pm, and don't forget "The Pitch" segment where you can offer your wholesale and investment opportunities to a room full of hungry investor buyers! It's guaranteed to be an info packed night that will give you the answers to questions you may not even know to ask.... be there, it's going to be a great event!