Did you know that more and more, the business of lending is moving away from banks to private lenders? There is an entire industry dedicated to it. Check out the AAPL when you have time - the American Association of Private Lenders.

At this Lunch & Learn Mike Krumbein, owner of Richmond Mortgage, Inc, will share with us how he got into the business of private lending, and how you too can benefit. Mike lends to individuals who prefer not to work with banks, but he also helps investors who are looking for secure, passive ways to invest their cash, by partnering with him on local loans backed by real estate. If you love the security of real estate, but don't want the day to day hassle of buying, rehabbing and dealing with tenants, but think going into the note business is too complicated and risky for your taste, this investment might offer you the security with high returns you are looking for! Don't worry - if you just want to know what Richmond Mortgage's criteria and terms are for private loans, Mike will share this too!

Mike is a wealth of knowledge, and a heck of a nice guy. He will be traveling from Richmond to spend the afternoon with us, so be sure to invite your friends, but be accurate with our RSVPs so we have a good head count.

Richmond Mortgage Inc. is an asset-based lender offering hard-money financing to real estate investors. Since 2000, they have funded a total of $100 Million to investment businesses developing single-family homes, land, multi-family and commercial properties in Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Maryland. More info about Mike Krumbein and Richmond Mortgage can be found on their website at this link. https://richmondmortgageinc.com/invest-with-us

The Hampton Roads Landlord Assoc is free to join. The meeting are held in a venue that provides us space in exchange for our attendees buying lunch.  $20 includes the venue, food, beverage, dessert, taxes and tip.  RSVP to get the location details so we can ensure we have enough food.