Have you heard of Real Estate Syndication?

Join us to learn more about the ins and outs of Real Estate Syndication and how this investment vehicle could help you accelerate your business success.

Whether you are interested in being either an active operator, or passive investor, we want to help you understand some of the fundamentals of Real Estate Syndication.

Meeting Schedule:

5:30 pm: Check in at the kiosk, visit with friends, colleagues, and meet someone new.

6:00 pm: Welcome, Roundtable, & Discussion

7:00 pm: Unobligated Networking

7:30 pm: The normal meeting ends. Many may continue conversations at nearby local restaurants.

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With a focus on commercial real estate investing, we strive to offer learning opportunities, & networking with other like-minded investors.

This is a free event with no outside sales pitches. Our goal is to foster mutually beneficial commercial real estate transactions with an emphasis on ethical behaviors and socially conscious investing.

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