"HOW DO YOU FIND GOOD REAL ESTATE DEALS?!?" This is by far the most common question asked by new real estate investors, especially after they've scoured the MLS and foreclosure websites for the umpteenth time only to once again come up empty-handed. They know the deals are out there, lurking in the shadows, because they've heard the stories of their fellow investors making huge profits on recent flips. But how do they unearth these elusive, hidden treasures?

The most important skill set for any entrepreneur to master, especially creative real estate investors, is the area of marketing. Consistent deal flow and inventory is the secret to success in all investing strategies, whether wholesale, renovation, multi-family or commercial. You can understand every strategy in depth, have deep pockets ready to invest, and be the world’s greatest negotiator, but if you can't track down deals with equity...it's all for naught.

If you've always wanted to know how investors find these "home runs," then join us for this month’s meeting of the Professional Investors Guild, as we teach the SECRETS that 7-figure earners have been using RIGHT HERE ON THE GULF COAST to find houses with massive equity and HUGE potential paydays!

We’ll be in PENSACOLA on Tuesday, March 10th at the Pensacola Bay Center. ALL WORKSHOPS start promptly at 7 PM with networking and registration beginning at 6:30 PM.